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Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Many of our produce items can be enjoyed long after their usual fresh season. In-house, we dry and package several individual items as well as mixes that can be enjoyed stand-alone or incorporated into your favorite recipes. Our dried products contain no additives or preservatives.

In addition to harvesting from our local fields, orchards and greenhouses, our sister farm in Belize, Central America is our source for the delicious tropical fruit we dry. Our selection varies throughout the year based on crops, but you are always sure to find dried apple and pear chips, tropical fruit mix, bananas, pineapple, coconut, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, soup mixes, eggplant, onions and pumpkin seeds. Visit our What’s Growing On? page to see other items that may be available. 

Come visit us today to look at our Dried Fruits and Vegetables. You can also contact us here.

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

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