Flower World accepts used plastic nursery pots.

We have two drop bins onsite for your convenience. One is located in our parking lot West of the retail greenhouses and the other is on our service road.  We attempt to make full use of these containers in our potting program.


Below is a list of the types of pots we will accept and reuse:

  • All pots from purchases at Flower World
  • All one gallon and larger pots with the exception of branded or colored
  • All black and green 2½”, 4”, 6”, 8” and larger pots (2 gallon, 5 gallon etc.)
  • Both plastic and wood hanging baskets
  • Rectangular flats and spacer flats for 4” pots (no square flats)
  • 4-packs (no 6 or 12-packs)
  • All Monrovia pots

We have created an example board next to each drop bin showing each pot, basket and tray we accept.

We do not use price stickers on our plant pots but occasionally a price sticker from another company may be left on a recycled pot. We apologize for any confusion this may cause. We hope that you appreciate our recycling practices and understand that we do not honor any other company’s sale price stickers left on reused pots.

plastic pot 2