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The Produce Market at Flower World

We take tremendous pride in serving our local community with fresh produce grown in our fields, greenhouses and orchards; all within three miles of our produce market.


We plant and harvest year-round, so there are always fresh-picked items available. It is not uncommon to find a beautiful head of lettuce, a juicy ripe tomato, or a crunchy, sweet carrot that was still growing in the fields just that morning. Most of our crops are grown without pesticides. While we are not certified organic farmers, each of our pesticide-free items is individually identified as such, for your awareness.

In addition to fresh produce, we also dry and sell our herbs, and many of our fruits and vegetables. We produce and bottle specialty vinegars and freezer jams. We are well-known for our apple and pear cider and the rainbow chicken eggs and duck eggs which we collect daily from our free-roaming flocks. Additionally, we bottle and sell grape and fruit wines under our Maralblis Estate Winery label. We offer numerous other, mostly local, items to round-out the enjoyment of your shopping experience. 

Our greenhouses are an extension of the wonderful Flower World plant experience. You can find herbs, fruit and vegetable starts, bedding plants, hanging baskets and so much more.  

Make us your weekly fresh produce stop and be sure to say hello to our friendly farm animals, located behind the market.