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Deer and Rabbit Resistant Plants


Rabbits will gnaw on new, tender growth of a large variety of annuals, perennials and ornamental shrubs. They can also do considerable damage to trees and shrubs, preferring to gnaw on the smooth bark of younger specimens. Rabbits can damage trees and shrubs even in winter months.

Rabbits tend to avoid plants with strong fragrance and fuzzy textures. Although no plant is truly rabbit proof, the following is a list of plants that rabbits tend to avoid.

Rabbit Resistant Plants PDF


As our area’s population increases and predators are eliminated, the local black-tail deer are increasing in numbers. Their natural food supply in turn is dwindling. It would be very typical for the deer to turn to what is available in the neighboring gardens. Short of building a 6-8’ solid or wire fence to keep the deer out, you can use the option of planting trees and shrubs that are distasteful to them. But don’t forget that a starving animal will eat almost anything after their favorites are gone! 

Deer Resistant Plants PDF

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