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Fathers Day Sale Newsletter

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Japanese Maples, Select Hedge Plants, and Baskets on Sale!

Japanese Maple Sale

Japanese Maples, including Laceleaf and Upright varieties,
make an excellent specimen or focal point plant in your garden.

20% Discount
Discount applies to all Japanese Maples priced over $99.00

Petunia and Ivy Geranium Baskets
petunia 6 2022

Buy 2 get 1 Free
of equal or lesser value

Regular $29.99 / $32.99

Select Hedge Plants on Sale
hedge for newsletter

Add a privacy screen, hedge, or border to your landscape
with our select hedge plant sale.

30% Discount

Leyland Cypress - All Sizes
egular $9.99 to $169.99

Emerald Green Arborvitae
Regular $34.99 - 5 gallon

Dwarf Boxwood
Regular $9.99 - 1 gallon

Large Laurels
English, Improved English, Schipka (Russian)

Regular  $149.99 - $169.99 - 15 gallon

Japanese Maple and Basket Sale ends June 26, 2022
Hedge Sale ends June 30, 2022
e-Club members take an additional 10% discount on all sale items.

Happy Father's Day

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