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Statement on Ukraine 3.9.2022

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Flower World Stands with
the People of Ukraine!

To Our Customers and Suppliers:

Due to the genocide occurring in Ukraine, caused by Russia and supported by China and other countries, we are asking all our customers and suppliers to review their product purchases from Russia and China and any other countries that supports the war against Ukraine. We are asking them to replace these purchases with American products, or when not available, from countries that are against this unprovoked war; one that is killing thousands of innocent people.

Flower World is reviewing all our purchases and canceling those that are not complying with the above-mentioned policy.  We ask all of you to do the same.

As the Western World now finds itself the victim of a policy that relies on other countries to supply our daily and necessary products, we can do something about that too.  All Americans should fully support “MADE IN the USA” as defined by the Federal Trade Commission.

In comparison to what is happening in Ukraine, this is a small effort to help and possibly prevent a Third World WAR. People and businesses can be a big part of that. I was born during WW II and have studied the history and its makings.  I have found the biggest reason was that countries, politics and the people stood by and did nothing until it was too late.  This allowed these atrocities to happen.

The biggest difference between then and now is the fact that ordinary people have the economic power to do something about it, even if it creates a small hardship.

The future depends on our choices today, and what we are doing now!!

John Postema
Flower World Inc.