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Memorial Day Savings

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale
20% Discount

May 28 - May 31, 2021
(e-Club Members save an additional 10%)

Combination Planters That Pop!
eclub 2

Planters are a great way to bring your patio or porch to life and dazzle your friends all summer long.

20% discount on all Combination Planters.

Find a Beautiful Petunia Basket!
petunia basic

Thinking about adding some extra color for your home, porch, or garden? Now is the time to add a colorful basket or extra bedding plants.

20% discount on all Petunia Baskets & all 4-pack
Annuals and Vegetables.


Create a New Privacy Screen or Hedge To Your Landscape!
Hedges and privacy screening

Shop and save on the following Hedge and Border Plants:

Dwarf Boxwood...1 gallon - $8.99 / 2 gallon - $24.99
Emerald Green Arborvitae...1 gallon - $8.99 / 5 gallon - $24.99
Woodward Arborvitae...5 gallon - $39.99
Big Leaf Hydrangea...5 gallon - $39.99
Golden Plume Cypress...5 gallon - $39.99
Leyland Cypress...5 gallon - $29.99
Portugal Laurel...5 gallon - $34.99

20% discount on prices listed above.

Current e-Club members will enjoy membership perks without expiration. e-Club membership cards are no longer necessary to receive the 10% discount. Upon your next visit to Flower World, turn your membership card in at checkout and we will collect your name and updated contact information. This allows for a more streamlined checkout process for future purchases.