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Blog: Seasonal News

2023 Fall Gardening Clinics

News & Events

Fall Clinic Schedule

September 16 - Fall Container Class - 11:00 AM
Freshen up those pots and containers by removing spent annuals and replacing them with hardier annuals and perennials. Our experts will share ideas on plant selection and placement during this clinic. From the basics to more advanced ideas, there will be something for gardeners of every level. 

September 30 - Deer and Rabbit resistant Plants - 11:00 AM
Tired of spending all that time and money creating the perfect garden just to have it turn into a buffet for the bunnies and deer in your area? Let us help you select plants that the wildlife won't consider food and will still look beautiful. 

October 14 - Putting your garden to bed for the Winter - 11:00 AM 
Prepare for a beautiful and healthy garden in the spring by winterizing this fall.  If you aren't of the best approach, attend this clinic and let our experts give you some tips and advice. 
Next March and April you will be happy you did!

October 28 - Spectacular plants for Fall and Winter Color - 11:00 AM
Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be dreary and drizzly. Let us help you select plants that are specifically designed to bloom in fall and winter.  Adding some late season color to your garden will remind that Spring is right around the corner.

November 11 - Decorating your patio for Fall / Winter- 11:00 AM
Fall decorations are so much more than pumpkins. This clinic will provide ideas on using holiday and other fall plants to compliment your decorations and make your patios and porches spectacular.

 All clinics are Free and RSVP is not required.