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Blog: Seasonal News

Fertilizer Advice From our Experts

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Looking for ways to get the most out of your container plants?
Following these simple steps will ensure beautiful plants and flowers long into fall.

  1. Never fertilize a dry plant. Make sure the soil is moist to avoid "burning".
  2. For the first fertilization of the season, usually early April, include a time-release fertilizer. Using a time-release fertilizer will help establish and maintain a strong root system and continually feed your plant for up to 60 days.
  3. Throughout the season, feed your plants with an organic fertilizer specifically designed for the type of plant you are planting. Mix this with the existing soil for best results.
  4. Use Soil Moist. This allows the plant to make the best use of each watering and remain hydrated.  
  5. Match the feeding frequency with the type of plant.  Annuals need to be fed on a weekly basis, Perennials - monthly, Roses / Nursey Plants - twice per year (April and July).

By late July, some plants will need a "haircut". Cut plants like lobelias and petunias back to about 50%. This is also a suitable time to repeat fertilization. No need for additional Soil Moist as the shorter days and cooler nights will be enough.

Plants thrive with consistent watering and feeding schedules. For the best results keep your program consistent from season to season. 

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