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Blog: Seasonal News

Watering techniques and Cut Flower Newsletter 8.4.2023

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It looks like we are in for some scorching heat over the next few days
and your plants need water!
  Proper hydration is more than just a hose and watering can.

CLICK to watch our video for tips on watering your plants to ensure they remain healthy and beautiful during the summer heat.


Cut Flowers
sunflower 2023 

 Our cut flower program is in full swing.
Choose from mixed bouquets full of Delphiniums, Snapdragons, Mums, Hydrangeas, Cosmos, and Statice.
  Stop by The Produce Market or Flower World for a bouquet
$6.99  / $9.99.

Single Stem    Regular - $.50 each
Single Stem Large - $1.00 each

Fresh cut flowers make a great addition to your table or as a gift!