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Blog: Seasonal News

Summer Fertilizing and Harvest Newsletter 7.28.2023

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Summer Fertilizing

Did you come back from vacation to your pots and
containers not looking their best?
  Summer heat and the lack of water can take it's toll on your plants.

 Now is the time to pull out the spent spring annuals and
replace them with hardier annuals and perennials to take you into Fall.
Dahlias, Coneflowers, Heuchera, Coleus, Wire Vines, 
Impatiens, and Begonias are great choices. 

Maybe your containers and baskets still look great but the color
needs a boost? The plants in your pots and containers require
lots of water and this will leech 
the soil of it's nutrients.
  Replenishing nutrients by fertilizing will bring back your plant's luster.

CLICK for fertilizing advice from a Flower World expert.


Summer Harvest 
summer squash 2023

Summer Squash is here!

Autumn is right around the corner and nothing announces
the change in weather like summer squash. Ok, maybe football and
pumpkin spice, but summer squash is right up there.

The Produce Market is in full summer harvest mode.
We are loaded with this season's first crop of S
quash and Zucchini.
Along with squash you will find Hothouse Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants.
Our summer crop of Beans are absolutely delicious.
The best in Snohomish County!

Finish your shopping list with
Rainbow Chicken Eggs, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums,
Grass-Fed Meat, fresh Produce, and Ice Cream.
All locally grown and produced. 

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Has it been a while since we've seen you?
CLICK the photo above for a bird's eye view of the nursery.