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Hedges & Privacy Screening

Fences make good neighbors. The same can be said for a privacy hedge.

Whether you want to create a screen between your property and the neighbors, block out an unsightly area or add a beautiful border around your yard, there are many privacy screening trees and shrubs that will get the job done. There are different categories of hedge plants. Some are knee-high shrublets, mainly used for edging a walk or path or as a formal separation around herb gardens. Others grow waist high and are used for barriers and low screening, under windows and as foundation plantings. At the other extreme are the shrubs that grow as tall as trees and are useful as windbreaks, noise reduction or screening out unsightly objects and objectionable views. In some cases, background plants can double as screening plants as well as be a functional part of your landscape. The best screening plants are the ones that grow impenetrably dense and/or have thorns. Before choosing the best plant in your particular situation, you have to ask yourself what is the purpose for these plants.  

  • What is the desired time frame for growth of the screen or hedge?
  • How much sun or shade will the hedge receive?
  • Do you want a blooming hedge?
  • How much maintenance do you plan to provide?

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