Welcome To Flower World

You have just entered the exciting world of Flower World and we invite you to come out and wander through the fifteen acres of retail display areas with about three acres under cover. We offer a tremendous selection and large quantities in plant material. We are one of the largest retail nurseries of its kind on the West Coast. Unlike other nurseries and garden centers, Flower World does not buy its plants from other growers. We are proud to say that we grow about ninety percent of all the plant material we offer. We grow these locally in Maltby in our own greenhouses and production fields. Because of  that fact, our prices are very competitive and you will get the freshest quality plant because you are buying directly from the growers.

We are located in Maltby, about seven miles northeast of Woodinville. We are open year-round.

Check out the seasonal plant material as well as the product listings.

Thank you for visiting Flower World, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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