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How To Plant Trees And Shrubs

Site Preparation

Ensure that the plants and the planting area are moist. Never plant a dry plant or place a plant into dry soil. When soil appears to be clay or sand, work in one-third organic material (compost, mulch or peat moss) with two-thirds of the existing soil. Mix in either a transplant fertilizer or a slow release fertilizer. If the plant location is a very wet area, make sure that you supply adequate drainage. This can be accomplished by digging a small 12" deep trench to a lower area and fill it with about 6" of gravel and then backfill with dirt or soil. This will assure that the roots of your trees will never drown. Keep in mind that most fruit, flowering and shade trees are grafted. The bud union near the bottom of the stem must be kept one to two inches above the ground level.


Dig a hole the depth of the root ball and two times the width.

  • Balled and Burlapped Plants
    Place the rootball in the hole, remove all strings and wires from around the burlap, take care in keeping the burlap around the rootball until it is placed correctly. Remove the sides of the burlap tucking the excess around the bottom of the rootball. Fill in around the roots with amended soil.

  • Container Plants
    Remove the plant from the container and set the plant on its side. Loosen any roots that are in a tight circle by working your fingers into the soil. Take care in setting the plant in place without breaking up the rootball. Fill in around the roots with amended soil. If the plant has recently been containerized you may find that the roots have not been established yet. This is no cause for alarm. Pack the loose soil around the tree. Never plant a tree any deeper than the top of the soil level of its original container.

  • Bareroot Trees
    Although Flower World, Inc. does not sell bareroot trees, it is very important that when you purchase bareroot trees, the roots remain moist at all times. Once the hole is dug and prepared, prune out any damaged, broken or bruised roots and place the tree in its correct position. Fill in around the roots with amended soil.

Watering and Fertilization

Water well with a slow soaking to wet the soil thoroughly. Since water does not move quickly between different soil textures, apply water directly to the rootball as well as the surrounding area. Newly planted trees and shrubs should be deeply watered on a regular basis during the first two seasons. If you are planting well established large shrubs and trees in the warm summer months make sure that you continue to water thoroughly around the base of the plant to ensure that the original rootball stays moist until the new roots have established themselves into the surrounding soil. After the first seasons growth, apply fertilizer to your plants according to the recommended rate on the fertilizer label.


Stake your tree if necessary until the root system is established, this should only be for the first season. Support the tree with two stakes, one on either side of the tree. Do not secure the tree so that it is completely motionless. Allow room for movement, this will ensure that the tree will develop an well-anchored root system. Protect the bark of the tree stem by running the tires from the stake through a piece of plastic tubing or hose at the point where it contacts the plant.

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